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See the Colors, Read the Words

Dyslexia sufferers and people affected by color blindness can now receive help from ChromaGen™.

ChromaGen™ is a unique product that was developed to help patients who suffer from either color deficiency or academic skills disorder (ASD™) including Dyslexia.

ChromaGen™ Haploscopic filters are a range of 8 precision tinted lenses available in either contact lenses or spectacles lenses that are Individually prescribed for patients suffering from various forms of reading disorders commonly known as dyslexia or ASD™ and for people who suffer from color blindness.

In In-Office studies ChromaGen™ showed to be very beneficial in over 434 patients who had problems with some form of reading disorders making reading significantly easier when using the ChromaGen™ filters.

The above image was produced by a color deficient as a demonstration of how they would normally see a rose (right) and how they see it with the Chromagen™ lens (left).

Even where using an existing reading program or other methods of tuition ChromaGen™ can accelerate results that can help to realize the pupils' full potential.

For people suffering from color deficiency or color 'blindness', ChromaGen™ Haploscopic Filters work by changing the level of each color going into the non-dominant eye and, in some cases, both the dominant and non-dominant eye helping to offer enhanced color perception and color discrimination.

For many people the improvement in their color perception and discrimination can be very dramatic; they find the brightness of all colors, even the colors they normally identify correctly, seem richer and more vivid.

ChromaGen™ lenses can realistically expect to achieve some of the following:

Improve general color perception

Make colors brighter and clearer

Allow shades of color, previously unseen, to be observed and discriminated

Assist color naming

Enhance safety (e.g more easily identify traffic lights and brake lights)

Improve performance in some color vision tests.

The ChromaGen™ system is not a cure for color deficiency or ASD™ and should only be prescribed as a management system.

* In this guide you will notice the term ASD™ or Academic Skills Disorder. This is a term that covers reading, writing and spelling difficulties that is known as Dyslexia.