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New Bio Contact Lenses

Bio Contact lenses will add significantly to the performance of your current contact lens offering. Bio Contact Lenses are made of a Hioxifilcon/GMA based material that provides unsurpassed performance for dry eyes – or any eye for that matter!

If you are looking for a "wetter lens", you will especially like Bio Contact lenses. We refer to Bio Contact Lenses as a “More Natural Alternative” to other contact lens materials such as silicone hydrogel in that the Bio lens is made with a truly biocompatible contact lens material. The box and package is even made with recycled paper and is biodegradable! Fitting sets available. Call for details.


Marietta Vision Private Label VisionCare High Definition, unlike other aspheric lenses in the market, incorporates the ideal aspheric curvature for each soft lens power and thickness and compensates for aberrations caused by flexture on the eye. Depending on the patient's prescription, this could result in improved visual acuity at all distances, as well as an increased depth of field, correction of some refractive astigmatism and improved contrast sensitivity, usually providing crisper, sharper and clearer vision. Our Marietta VisionCare HD lens is an excellent choice for low astigmatics, early presbyopes, and those who wish to improve their overall vision.

bio lens

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  VisionCare 2, New and improved.
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VisionCare High Definition, unlike any other soft aspheric disposable lens in the market today.

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NEW DayStar Daily disposable HD lens.

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VisionCare HD Toric, uses the same patented aspheric technology as the VisionCare HD but in a frequent replacement soft toric design.
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VisionCare monthly disposable Sphere lens.
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