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Prosthetic and Therapeutic Lenses

More than 3,500 patients in the United States ordered prosthetic lenses in 2006. However, that’s just a small portion of those that would – if they or their eyecare practitioners knew that lenses were readily available.(1)

For a number of reasons, including eye injuries, one patient's eye may appear differently than the other. Marietta Vision provides custom-tinted contact lenses to aesthetically match dissimilar appearing eyes, closely simulating the patterns and colors of the natural eye. This includes discolored or misshaped pupils and eyes that suffer from albinism, color vision deficiencies, amblyopia, or another other ocular anomaly .

To properly design the lens, we need the following information:

1. A close-up color photograph of the good and bad eyes.
2. Because these lenses are available in prescription, please indicate whether there is vision in the damaged eye.

For more information about prosthetic lenses call our office toll free at (866) 300-6257.

You can now order our Prosthetic Lens Palette to aid in the matching of your patient's eyes to the
available lens designs. Call for details.