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Types of Rifle Scopes and Sights to Choose From

Everyone who has ever played computer games or watched a movie, for sure, knows that an indispensable attribute of a sniper is a rifle with an optical sight, and a special soldier is inconceivable in combat without an automatic rifle with a "red dot" sight. But when it comes to choosing these devices for your own rifle, it's easy to get confused in their varieties - only the optical sights on the market are a few hundred.

Selecting an optical sight for pneumatics is not as easy as it might seem. To do without rifle scopes is to deprive oneself of important advantages, which in some cases can play a critical role. A pneumatic rifle with an optical sight has already become familiar, because shooting, as a rule, is carried out on small targets, so the skill of choosing a sight is useful to any owner of pneumatics.

Types of Sighting Devices

There are four main types of sights used on pneumatics. Let's consider each of them separately. This will help you avoid the common mistakes that are so often made by newcomers. Which things you need to know about rifle optics?

  • Optic: The optical sight use increases accuracy due to an increase in the target, as well as to avoid the re-accommodation of the eyes. In the optical sight, the aiming mark with the image of the target is combined in the focal plane of the lens of the optical system.

    The optical sight is a complex optical device that repeatedly increases the precise targeting of small arms on the target, which leads to greater effectiveness when firing. Such sights for small arms can be installed on smooth-bore or rifled versions of them. Structurally, the optical sights resemble small telescopes.

  • Collimator: A collimator sight for pneumatics is an excellent solution. This device does not have such a complicated optical system, so it does not require a fine fit for the weapon. In addition, the collimating sight is intended for shooting at short distances, so it is preferable for mounting on an air rifle.
  • Laser: Laser target designator is another popular type of sighting device for pneumatic weapons. Given the short distance of the fire, you will see well the red dot, which will only have to be guided to the target. Like collimators, laser sights for air rifles have become very popular among amateurs of shooting and hunters.
  • Dioptric: A dioptric sight for an air rifle is used, for the most part, for sport shooting. This is a kind of aperture sight, only in contrast to the ring type it is characterized by higher accuracy.

Rifle scopes until recently belonged to the category of exotic but today anyone can get this device, moreover, the range of such scopes is various. The rifle scope has now become not just a symbol of reliability, high precision and inimitable style. Such a device is currently synonymous with the word "sight". You can learn more about the types of scopes and sights here.