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NATURALEYEZ©: The Post-Dilating Lens

Frustration resulted in the creation of a brightness reducing contact lens to be used after dilating a patient.  Patients don’t like the inconvenience of being dilated and yet the doctor is responsible if a pathological condition is missed.  The answer is a brightness blocking soft contact lens having a clear central zone and an annular light blocking area that allows the patient to walk out in the bright sunlight. After the pupils return to normal, the lens is thrown away.

The patented design has a 4.2 mm. clear zone, small enough to reduce brightness but large enough that if the patient has a small, nuclear cataract, they can still function.

Offices have different approaches using Naturaleyez Post-Dilating Lenses.  Some offices will only use the PDL on patients that are familiar with soft lens removal. Considering the number of soft lens wearers plus the number of drop-outs, a high percentage of patients feel competent with lens removal given minimal instruction.  

Other doctors see this as an opportunity to demonstrate how easy soft contact lens wearing and handling really is to patients that have never wanted to try contact lenses.  Keep in mind that the most worrisome problems with lens removal are of little concern with this lens. The lens is positioned over the cornea, thus protecting the cornea, therefore the chance of scratching the cornea while removing is minimal. Damage to the lens on removal is another concern, but this lens is to be thrown away in most instances.


No extra charge

Some offices do not charge for the lens and appreciate the added revenue from being able to dilate patients at the time of the examination.  In any office, when the patient is rescheduled for another time for the dilation, there are a percentage of no-shows.  The loss of revenue from a no-show is two-fold.  Loss of revenue by the procedure not being completed and also the loss from an unfilled time slot. By being able to dilate the patient while they are already in the office, the elimination of the time wasted by staff in reprocessing the patient on the return visit is saved.  


Charge cost

Offices pass the cost of the lens or a small additional fee on to the patient.  The patient is explained this new option and chooses if they want it.  Another option is to add the cost of the lenses to the procedure and offer it to every patient that is dilated.


Additional revenue stream

Large contact lens practices have patients that use contact lenses exclusively, even though it is recommended that the patient has a current back-up spectacle prescription.  These practices could explain that since the patient doesn’t have an adequate back-up spectacle prescription, that the patient should pick out spectacle on this visit and then will be dilated on the day that the spectacles are dispensed. After dilation, the Naturaleyez post-dilating lens will be inserted and the new spectacle will be used over the PDL.


Piggy-backing contact lenses

Piggy-back usage of the PDL can be done with either rigid gas permeable lenses or a soft lens.  Instruction of removal needs to explain the caution so that the regular contact lens is not damaged or disposed of along with the PDL.  



Patients that use NATURALEYEZ©  lens realize the convenience of being able to more normally function immediately after examination.  They talk with their friends and promote a practice using this modality.  Consequently, not only is the practice making it more convenient for the patient but the practice growth is stimulated..

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