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Interesting Facts about League of Legends

According to Forbes, in 2016 (7 years after its release) the number of monthly players in League of Legends exceeded 100 million people. The figure is impressive, but LoL does not live by itself alone. Even more remarkable are the successes of Riot Games in the eSports field - just in a few years, the creators of LoL managed to build a real eSports empire with their own ecosystem from their game, and impressive figures clearly confirm the success of this event. It isn't surprising that more and more people join https://overwatchbetz.com/ to make bets. In 2017 more than 80 million unique spectators watched the semifinal of the World Championship and the total number of watched hours for the 2017 World Cup exceeded 1.2 billion! Now you can understand how many fans this game has!

3 Facts You Should Know

Check the facts about League of Legends and you will be impressed.

  • LoL is a huge game universe. At the moment, there are 139 champions in the game, representing different regions of a large (and not yet fully studied) universe, named Runterra. Impressive swordsmen and fragile sorceresses, furious warriors and fluffy little jordles, strange animals and elemental representatives. Ghosts and cyberpunk. Sometimes there are very strange specimens - for example, Bard, surprising both with its nature and game mechanics. And all this fits perfectly in the history of one game.

    New champions come out every couple of months, and with them appear fresh elements of the history of Runterra. Not so long ago, Riot Games started modeling their universe especially tightly, devoting a separate mini-site to its history. It publishes both historical “facts” about the regions, as well as diaries of residents and collections of paintings that depict local architecture. It turns out convincingly.

  • Saturated game season. The game season in League of Legends has long been inseparable from eSports events. The season traditionally begins in mid-January, along with the start of the world's largest leagues, and ends in mid-autumn along with the main event of the year - the World Cup. Nine months in a year battles rumble: ordinary players fight each other in rating games, and professional players compete in a competitive scene.
  • Always on the move. One of the key features of the game is its continuous development. The creators of League of Legends, Mark Merrill and Brandon Beck, dreamed of presenting a game to the world that does not stall after several years of existence. Now this, of course, will not surprise anyone, however, the guys stick to their goals up to this day, and they do it quite successfully. Traditionally, every two weeks there is a patch of a different level of intensity - starting from small changes in the balance and ending with global updates that change the course of the game or its visual component.

If you have not played LoL the last couple of years, then you will certainly find much interesting about LoL.