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A Full Guide to Collecting the Deck in Hearthstone

It is possible to divide decks in Heartstone into fast and slow. In the first case, you can defeat the enemy in 4-5 moves, and in the second one, you have to hold out at least a dozen and solemnly beat the opponent with something grandiose. If to be more exact, there is a division into Aggro (fast decks tied to small creatures), Scorching (small creatures + spells), Control (spells and counter-cards for stripping boards) and combo-packs (playing cards). If you want to become professional in Hearthstone and with time earn money on Hearthstonebets, you should learn the basics of the game. Let's check how to collect the deck.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - The Basics of Collecting Decks

  • Fast decks: These decks are based on the speedy destruction of the enemy at the expense of creatures. Of course, in the first moves, it is difficult to lay out a large creature (if you are not a druid), so we are talking about 1-3 mana cards. The bottom line is that creatures must support and enhance each other. An affordable and versatile option are Murlocs. More Murlocs call smaller Murlocs, third Murlocs strengthen them, rare and legendary ones significantly enhance.

    Playing a quick deck? So, do not take cards more than five mana. Ideally, you need to collect such a deck so that you can organize an attack line from any dozen cards. Spells should be chosen either to strengthen and accelerate creatures, or to destroy small enemy monsters. Secrets, numbness, maps, destructive weapons are more about control, so you have to give them up.

  • Slow decks: Such decks are less rectilinear in the game and are more difficult to collect. You must choose what you will destroy the enemy with. You won't do without expensive cards but the average and cheap should still be more. It is important to note that 2 or 3 creatures will be destroyed by the enemy on a mandatory basis, so you need 5-6 options.

All other cards are designed to live up to the hour of X. Mass cards of damage, destruction of creatures, various countercards, secrets and frosts will be useful here. Important are provocateurs who will not allow the enemy to reach you. Synergy should spread to all cards in the deck. Of course, not all classes can afford to create a uniform deck, but with the active use of neutral creatures anything is possible. Check the best hearthstone decks and make wise decisions when playing!