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The Existence of Dota Pro Circuit

The Dota Pro Circuit didn't exist a few years ago, so the Majors were unknown and the International tournaments were free for everyone. Today, the things have changed, so it's still very unusual to see the top teams only play a few online matches during the season. Dota 2 bet website has a special attitude to it, which is different to the high pressure LAN events.

Current situation in the Dota world

During the gaming process, teams are more likely to pick up various heroes, give a try to new things and handle the pressure of a live crowd. Some players, especially on cross region teams, are obliged to deal with high ping that can make things even more engaging. Here, you can see crazy strategies and massive misplays tried by both teams.

Dota has been keeping the leading positions in LAN events in 2020, but things have changed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The cancellation of LAN events for the future perspectives has been realized to keep everyone safe.

ESL as the third Major of the season

ESL One Los Angeles was supposed to be the third Major of the season, but the pandemic forcing caused certain changes to t. Thus, ESL made the competition in an online format, which was a reasonable solution to the current difficulties. In the course of three weeks, numerous matches between the very top teams were conducted in different regions.

All the cancellations were followed by the introduction of the alternative tournaments and competitions. Thus, the WePlay! Pushka League Season 1 was launched online, featuring some of the top teams in the globe fighting for a $250,000 reward. Despite the online format, some of the matches were full of fun. Just look at the match between reigning world champions OG and winners of the last Major, Team Secret. OG is involved a real international roster, players based in South East Asia, North America and Europe. As a result, they had to either find ratings from Europe or have players compete with high ping by getting into a less beneficial position. The whole series was nothing but a real clown fiesta where players on high ping leading matches, picks such as Riki and Meepo, and full of fun entertainment were integral elements.

If you decide to join one of such online events, you need to apply for official membership. Believe it or not, things will be even more fun online. Despite the pandemic complications, you can still enjoy the things you like.