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Custom Colors

Custom tinted contact lenses

Marietta Vision providess tinted lenses using an FDA approved tinting method. We specialize in coloring virtually any brand of prescription or non-prescription soft contact lenses. Most colors in the soft lens industry can be matched upon request.

Soft contact lenses can be tinted either to enhance the natural color of your eye or to alter how your eye color appears. Because our tinted lenses are semi translucent, the intricate detail of your iris pattern is visible through the lens to give a very natural appearance. The tinting process does not change the original characteristics of the base lens as it was initially prescribed.

The majority of brands of soft contact lenses between 37.5% and 60% water content can be tinted. These include sphere lenses, toric lenses and multifocal lenses

All lenses can be tinted in any of our available colors, in varying densities, with a solid or clear pupil.

Standard iris tint diameter : 11.5 mm

Standard clear pupil diameter : 4.5 mm

Standard black pupil diameter : 4 mm

Custom iris, clear pupil and black pupil diameters are available.

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