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Cost per Month

How Much Does Shakeology Cost per Month?

Shakeology is one of those shakes that are really effective. You can lose several pounds with a help of it with little efforts. There are 6 available flavors for each taste and 2 for vegans. Consequently, the prices for this product vary depending on a kind of shake you choose.

So how much do Shakeology shakes cost?

Many people ask this question, wondering whether they can afford it. But luckily, the answer to this question is simple: yes, it is possible to purchase this product even being on a tight budget. Moreover, you can order Shakeology in three ways. You can buy 30 serving Shakeology meal for $129.95. Such a purchase includes six extra and one free serving. If you want to buy only one serving, you will have to pay $4.35. It is worth mentioning that shipping fees and taxes are not included in this price, meaning you will have to pay for them separately. They will depend on your location. Consequently, you are able to buy 24 packet bag with the flavors you want for only $129.95.

How much does Shakeology cost per month?

If you want to drink a single shake per day, you will have to spend $129.95. However, if you want to speed your results up, just double the price (it will be around $ 260 per month for drinking two shakes per day). We guess it is a rather affordable price in comparison with other meal replacement shakes and taking into account the fact Shakeology is more beneficial.

How much does Shakeology cost per day?

The Shakeology cost per day depends on the number of drinks you want to consume each day. For example, if one drink is enough for you to drink per day, then you will have to pay only $4.35. If you want to slim down faster, than double the sum and you will get approximately $9 per day. It is worth drinking two shakes per day because the customers of Shakeology claim they have gained their big weight goals with a help of it.

Now when you know how much does Shakeology cost each month, let's figure out whether discounts and coupons are available.

What about coupons and discounts?

The good news about such a product is that there are some discounts for its clients. For example, if you are a coach and sign your clients up for the program, you will get a 25 % discount after paying a one time $39 fee. Hence, the Shakeology cost to you will be $99.60 per 30 servings. There is a second way of getting 10% discount, which is through becoming a Beachbody club member. It is a good option for those who want to try out a sample that will cost you only $19.95 for 7 packets after paying a $39.95 fee per quarter. The third way to get a discount is via ordering directly in an auto shop that will save $10 on shipping charges.

All things considered, Shakeology is one of those shakes that are affordable even for people on a decent budget. What is more, you will definitely enjoy the flavors of it for each taste. Also, using meal replacement shakes is, probably, the best way to lose weight because you will enjoy the process of drinking them. However, please consult with your doctor and ask their piece of advice concerning usage of this shake. Enjoy your diet time and slim down fast!