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The Concept Hiding Behind IQOS Stores

IQOS is a tobacco product that involves many controversies. But it hasn’t had any impact on its popularity among young people and adults. If you decide to join the army of IQOS fans, you will be able to purchase the device online or visit one of their physical stores. Their stationary boutiques are situated in the so-called "high-street" locations, where a corresponding number of potential consumers can be found. IQOS stores are mainly small distribution spots that can be found in large supermarkets and department stores.

The role of space for the customer experience

The retail space plays a crucial role for IQOS stores. Many adult smokers consider IQOS for long-term use. Apart from a variety of tastes, the consumption of tobacco products has a lot to do with the process itself. When you visit their store, you surely want to see the variety of options you have and even try some of them before you actually buy something. Thus, there is a need for a lot of space in their boutiques.

The IQOS company is usually looking for high-frequency locations in 1-A downtown areas with the right retail environment for them and the convenient atmosphere for their customers. Ultimately, a location is determined by such factors as availability, price, location, consumer frequency, and some others. In their boutiques, current and potential customers do not only buy IQOS but also create an extraordinary "consumer experience". In the boutique, adult smokers get familiar with the IQOS device and its variety of tastes.

The successful brand building measures

The retail trade is changing, especially when such innovative products as the IQOS decide are entering the market. Thus, the major focus is becoming set on online sales. After all, the IQOS stores online are accompanied with different marketing measures, including out-of-home specials. This is where the IQOS company has a unique opportunity to engage with adult smokers after they have become aware of the IQOS brand. The process of communication is mainly enabled through out-of-home advertising or different channels.

Final Word

The sphere of smoking habits is changing. Thus, more and more people start enjoying the digitization of the smoking routine. The IQOS device is one of them. Whether you buy it online or directly through a physical store, you should consider this innovative smoking product for a long-term use.