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Marietta Toric

The Marietta Vision Private Label VisionCare High Definition Toric utilizes the same aberration control geometry as our Marietta Vision VisionCare High Definition Aspheric lens. The High Definition Aspheric Geometry is ideal for emerging presbyopes. This, along with cylinder power correction, could result in improved visual acuity at all distances, as well as increased depth of field and improved contrast sensitivity, usually providing crisper, sharper and clearer vision. The Marietta Vision VisionCare High Definition Toric geometry also minimizes required cylinder powers by masking refractive astigmatism, simplifying the toric fitting process. (ie. -1.75 cyl can mask up to -2.50 cyl)

  • Base Curve: 8.7mm
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Methafilcon A, 55% water
  • Power Range:+4.00 to -6.00
  • Cylinders: -1.00D, -1.75D (Back Surface Toric)
  • Axes: 10,20,80,90,100,160,170,180
  • Blue handling tint
  • Convenient 6-packs for ease of disposability
  • Reported improved visual acuity
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity
  • Dual slab off stabilization
  • Superb comfort, easy handling
  • Produced by the proprietary ContinuFlow™ molding process