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Bling makes a statement of it's own. This unique lens makes the natural sparkle in your eye stand out. Available in single vial.

Bella's dark center of the rim allows light to enhance the natural look of your eyes creating a 3-D depth and dimension. Plano available in convenient two pack. Rx available in single vial. Se Habla Espanol

Blue Rain

Brown Chestnut

Green Envy

Hazel Autumn

Plantium Grey

Violet Rose

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Material: Polymacon 62%, water 38%
Options: Blue Rain, Brown Chestnut, Green Envy, Hazel Autumn, Plantium Grey, Violet Rose.
Diameter: 14.5
Base Curve: Median
Center Thickness (mm): 0.08 @ -3.00
Powers (D): +8.00 to -8.00 (.25D Steps)